Thursday, October 29, 2009

Road Rage Part Duh.

I'm waiting for it to happen. The first snowfall of the year is usually when it occurs. It's coming; I know it.

Some idiot will drive along at 4o kms. and hour, with their HAZARD LIGHTS ON!!

Am I the only one who remembers from the drivers training manual that hazard lights are for stopped vehicles? Why drive with them on?!?

'Cause it's so easy to be the car behind, trying to focus on the road, with these obnoxious red lights blinking in your eyes, so that your pupils have no time to adjust. Lovely.

On another note, to the Ford van earlier today: Go ahead, don't signal. Keep me in suspense. It's okay, I like waiting, and guessing which way you're going to go. It's like a game!! Left, no right! No wait, it's STRAIGHT!! 2 points!

Point #3 If you want to drive the speed limit, that's okay. I respect that. Obeying the law, and such. But, to those that drive 5 or 7, or 3 under, you incite my rage. I can't help it. I shake my fist at you as I go flying past. And think nasty thoughts.

Who gave you people a license? MTO needs to clean house.


  1. I HATE!!!!!!! those people who go 5..7.. or 3 under the limit. Drives me absolutely batty!

    And, unfortunately, it happens here a lot. Don't know what it is... maybe all the old people around here, or something. ;)

  2. Yea, it's just rage inciting when you're following someone who's going just under the speed limit. Every time someone does that, I think they're drunk, and trying to be all good and stuff so they don't get pulled over.

    It's just what crosses my mind.

  3. And they are. Drunk, that is.

    Note to self: next time you're drunk, must go faster.