Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I've Wanted To Mention This For Quite Some Time.

I was once more reminded of a particular pet peeve today as I was listening to the radio.

Imagine the scenario:

A tired, young, gorgeous, witty, and extremely talented woman is driving home. She thinks the weather outside is tolerable, but not exactly "nice" - cloudy, with that rain that isn't quite rain. She turns the radio on to overpower the sound of the incredibly loud Ford van engine. And it hits.

BAM, right in the eardrums.

Nasal singing, with words left unfinished.

You know, it sits there and niggles at me from the moment I hear it.
If you're going to work hard enough to have a song that gets played on the radio, why can't you take the time to complete your sentences instead of letting them trail off in some sort of whining mumble-breath? I mean, seriously? Are you serious?

1 comment:

  1. YES!! Totally!

    I hate nasal singing. One of the reasons that country music makes me want to kill people. ;)