Friday, November 23, 2012

Freeeeee fallling!

I used to think I was a healthy, active, agile sort of person.  I used to BE a healthy, active, agile sort of person.  Lately, I've been a bit of a klutz.

I've dealt with chronic pain in my neck, back and shoulders since I was involved in a head-on collision in 2007.  I fell the next summer and hurt my hand (compression fractures don't show up on x-rays, but they HURT just the same).  I learned to deal with the pain by going to physio, chiro, and massage.  But lately, it seems, it is my lot to fall.  A lot.

It started with a fall last December that led to a broken arm.  Two bones.  Pain, lots of pain.  My left wrist still hurts, especially if I put any weight on that arm.

On October 12, I was running in the kitchen, rounded a corner and slipped and fell.  Broke three bones in my foot.

On election day, USA, I was negotiating the three steps from the Great Room to our library, and somehow lost my balance, fell backwards and landed on my crutch.  The busted crutch saved me from breaking any other bones, but my elbow has hurt ever since.

On November 12, I was going up my friend's concrete stairs and caught the crutch on a planter.  Down I went on my knees.  Skinned 'em. Later that afternoon I caught a vein behind my knee with the seat as I was sliding out of the van.  Swelled up the size of a clementine.  Painful.

I blame my mother.  She was the one who nicknamed me "Calamity Jane".  Little did I know that the nickname would catch up to me when I reached my fifties.

That brings me to this morning.  My dear hubby forgot his wallet, and called me to ask if it was on his dresser.  It was.  He said he was coming home to retrieve it.  I, knowing the dog would freak out if Jared came into my room to get the wallet, thought I'd be kind and meet him at the door with it.  I wheeled myself over to hubby's dresser, and stood to get the wallet (I'm too short to reach it otherwise).  Sat back down...onto the FLOOR.  The floor in this old house isn't perfectly level.  I've discovered this in my wheeling around for the past month.  There are uphills and downhills which you wouldn't notice if you weren't in a wheelchair.  I guess the floor in front of Rick's dresser is slightly sloped.

Which explains why the wheelchair wasn't there when I sat.

That, my friends, BUGS ME.

(Ow, my everything.)