Saturday, August 20, 2011

Some Comercials Should Never Be Aired

You know the one I'm talking about?

The Lotto 649 Jackpot, 'whatwouldyoudoifyouwon' advertisement on the radio?

This commercial really illustrates the uninspired imagination of 'regular people'.

The one that bothers me the most, and in fact causes painful spasms to go up my spine, into my brain and settle defiantly behind my eyeballs is this sentence:

"I would buy a chocolate store."

Followed by,

"And then I would eat all of the chocolate."



Can someone smack that actor upside the head for me?

no one,

and I repeat,


can really be that stupid!

Or can they?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


My eldest daughter and I had the privilege of seeing Camelot at the Festival Theatre in Stratford last night.  It was a great play, full of lively music and banter and fun.  And buns, but that's another story.

On the way in, I ordered a glass of wine for each of us that would be ready when we came out for intermission.  I checked out the choices and the cost: $7 per glass, or $10 per glass for PREMIUM.  The server assured me it was a good Cabernet Sauvignon.

It was not.

Tasted like horse pee.  Not that I have ever tasted horse pee, but it tasted like I could imagine horse pee would taste.   Not good.

And certainly not "Premium."

And that bugs me.