Thursday, October 22, 2009

It's really hard to narrow it down....

... because SO MANY things bug me!

I hate lyrics that are grammatically challenged. It ruins otherwise perfectly good songs for me.

Such as Deborah Cox's popular song, "Beautiful You Are".

"Don't ever let nobody bring you down Girl, Don't ever let nobody tear your world apart, Look in the mirror and see who you are, how Beautiful you are!"

I want to take a magical red pen and mark the whole freaking song up.

"Do not ever let anyone bring you down, Girl. Do not ever let anyone tear your world apart. Look in the mirror and see your reflection, you are beautiful."

I just can't listen to it anymore. It has a great beat, Deborah Cox has a lovely voice, but the lyrics drive me crazy. It's not good to be borderline spastic when you're behind the wheel of a tonne of steel hurtling down the highway at 100 kilometers per hour.

Serenity is indicative of good mental focus.

Artists of the world, hear me! DO NOT keep producing songs that have garbage grammar. Please! You are driving me crazy.


  1. Your rearrangement almost works!

    It is too bad that the song bugs me so much that I can't listen to it. The beat is good, Deborah Cox really does have a great voice, but....all I can think when I listen to it is "bad, bad, bad".

  2. Hee-he. I also correct. And I like Country music, which has a LOT of bad grammar. I'm laughing, because Emma corrects Country all the time. Drives her crazy too.

  3. Maybe that's why country music makes me want to kill people.... ;)