Saturday, October 24, 2009


You know, I like a clean kitchen. I'll even take a tidy one as long as everything is neatly in it's perspective spots, or piles. One thing I can't stand is open cupboard doors. Doors that are meant to shut away the contents inside, giving the illusion that everything is perfect. When cupboard doors are shut my world is at peace.

Then God created children.

Children who get dishes out or put them in and ALWAYS leave the door open. Always. My blood is coagulating on the top of my brain as I write this. My eyes are going to fry inside my skull. It doesn't matter how many times I gently say, "Shut the cupboard doors." Or *slam* them as I walk by to frighten any unsuspecting person in the vicinity. Everyday, a top or bottom one is left open more than once.

Sometimes it's door wars, where I've just shut the door, turn around, turn back, and it's open again! This happens quite often as well. The problem doesn't stop there. I can't help shutting OTHER peoples cupboard doors. Not just family either! I've shut many a door in a home I was invited to for a party or a bible study, and have been caught in the act a few times too. When the quizzing stare makes me blush, I simply say,

"It bugs me."


  1. It bugs me, too. Tyler is always leaving them open, and I "Arrrgh" at him when he does! He tries to be better at it now because he realizes how much it bugs me. :)

  2. I used to leave cupboard doors open all the time. After a few incidents of bending over to get something, then standing and whacking my head so hard that I nearly passed out, you'd think I would have learned to close them. But no, it took living in an old farmhouse in Millbank.

    Said farmhouse had mice.

    And if I didn't close the cupboard doors, I'd find mice in my cupboards. Ugh. I learned, fast. And it bugs me now to leave them open.