Thursday, January 9, 2014

Singing Canary from Trim Healthy Mama

It bugs me that some of my kids are dairy-free, because they can't taste this deliciousness.  Yummy.

(I'm actually posting it here so I can find it again.)

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

It bugs us that Marianas Trench (the band) is a famous band.

Marianas Trench (the trench) should be famous. That thing is so amazing and deep. 

Unlike Marianas Trench (the band). 

Seriously. You'd think a band named after the deepest part of the world's oceans would put a little bit more effort into their song lyrics. Instead they come up with this:

Better than, better than, better than
You should know me
Better than, better than, better than
You should know me



And more: 

Fallout (fallout) Fallout (fallout) Fallout
Fallout through the fallout
Fallout (fallout) Fallout (fallout) Fallout
Through the fallout


And listen to the melody in this song: 

And then listen to the melody in this song:

...Do they know how to sing another melody? Do they know there are more intervals than the major 2nd? Like - gasp - the major 3rd!?!? We're not asking for much here. Just baby steps. 

Also, is every single one of their songs about a break-up? Can't they sing about happy things once in a while? They could even sing about how happy they are that they broke up. It's not that far of a leap. They could give it a try. Baby steps. 

It's unlikely that a band as successful as Marianas Trench would give a witch's keep about our opinion. However, in an attempt to be fair to them, we offer the following lyrics in good faith. If Marianas Trench (the band) should ever like to use them in one of their songs, they may feel free. No charge.

My bunny ran away
I found her empty cage today
I guess you could say I lost my faith
I can't find her, she can't hear me
She won't come back, she wants to be free

Bunnykins, why did you leave
Why did you leave
Why did you leave
Bunnykins, why did you leave
Why did you leave
I brought you a lettuce leaf
Why did you leave

I saw your fluff through the trees
You love hanging out with the birds, without me
I can't believe that you would leave
And that you're so happy to be free

Bunnykins, why did you leave
Why did you leave
Why did you leave
Bunnykins, why did you leave
Why did you leave
I brought you a lettuce leaf
Why did you leave

Bunnykins, why did you leave
Why did you leave
Why did you leave
Bunnykins, why did you leave
Why did you leave
I brought you a lettuce leaf
Why did you leave

 I just cleaned your cage
Thought you would stay
I guess I was wrong
Because you ran away.

Bunnykins, why did you leave
Why did you leave
Why did you leave
Bunnykins, why did you leave
Why did you leave
I brought you a lettuce leaf
Why did you leave

Friday, February 1, 2013


Hoarding bugs me.

I can say that, even though I have some hoarding tendencies.

Who remembers that ad with the Russian grandmother who said, "Clean, yes!  Dirt, no!"?  I remember it, and I love it....because I truly love order and beauty and a place for everything and everything in its place.

And here's the schizophrenic part:  I love books.  I love things.  I attach memories to items and I keep them because they belonged to someone I loved and lost.  I like order, but I like things too much.

So, I am purging and weeding out stuff and cleaning and getting rid of stuff.  I think it will take months to get rid of enough stuff that I can breathe a sigh of relief.  Right now, it's just painful.

It's painful to think that I kept that second coffeemaker just in case.
It's painful to think that I bought all of those books over many years, some of which were never used.
It's painful to think that I ignored the problem far too long.

So, I confess: I am a hoarder.

We have clear surfaces.  We can sit at the table and eat a meal.  We can sit in the living room and in the family room.  My kitchen counters are clean.  My fridge gets cleaned out at least twice a month.  So I am not the kind of hoarder that ends up like this:

The Kind of Hoarder I Am

I keep stuff I don't love.  I am the kind of hoarder that keeps some paintings (numbered watercolours) that belonged to my parents, who both died 15 years ago.  I don't even like these paintings.  I keep them because somehow, throwing them out or selling them or giving them away means I'll lose a connection with my parents.  

I keep stuff, just in case.  I am the kind of hoarder who keeps stuff, just in case.  This morning I stepped on something and bent over to pick it up.  It was a knob from our old dryer, the one that's outside waiting to be taken to the dump.  I automatically started to put the knob onto a shelf in the laundry room, just in case I might need it some day.  Thankfully, I stopped myself and tossed it into the trash bin.

I keep stuff I might use some day.  I have binders and books and school papers and diaries and notes from sermons and maps and stuff I'll never use. Time to face reality.  I will never, ever use this stuff. 

I am getting rid of them.

It's not going to be easy, but I have decided to keep only ONE of everything, unless it's a set that makes sense.  I have decided to evaluate (is it useful?  is it beautiful?  do I love it?) every item and get rid of everything that is not useful or beautiful or loved.

Clean, yes!

Dirt, NO.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Consumer Stupidity

I've had enough.

The gluten free trend is taking off so everyone is jumping on the band wagon and coming out with their own line of 'gluten free' products.

These companies know most human beings are educated to not ask questions, and so they hide ingredients which contain GLUTEN in the food because obviously no one reads LABELS!

Oats are not gluten free!

Barely is not Gluten free!

Spelt is not gluten free!



Oh and let's not forget the cookies that boast gluten free goodness as well as being corn and dairy free in flashy lettering on the front of the box, but turn the box around and read the teeny list of items on the back and CORN STARCH is listed as well as WHEY POWDER.


People, stop being so dumb and buying these impostor's products.  Stick to the little guy, the ones who sell in the Health food store or your local farmers market.

They know gluten free because they LIVE IT.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Freeeeee fallling!

I used to think I was a healthy, active, agile sort of person.  I used to BE a healthy, active, agile sort of person.  Lately, I've been a bit of a klutz.

I've dealt with chronic pain in my neck, back and shoulders since I was involved in a head-on collision in 2007.  I fell the next summer and hurt my hand (compression fractures don't show up on x-rays, but they HURT just the same).  I learned to deal with the pain by going to physio, chiro, and massage.  But lately, it seems, it is my lot to fall.  A lot.

It started with a fall last December that led to a broken arm.  Two bones.  Pain, lots of pain.  My left wrist still hurts, especially if I put any weight on that arm.

On October 12, I was running in the kitchen, rounded a corner and slipped and fell.  Broke three bones in my foot.

On election day, USA, I was negotiating the three steps from the Great Room to our library, and somehow lost my balance, fell backwards and landed on my crutch.  The busted crutch saved me from breaking any other bones, but my elbow has hurt ever since.

On November 12, I was going up my friend's concrete stairs and caught the crutch on a planter.  Down I went on my knees.  Skinned 'em. Later that afternoon I caught a vein behind my knee with the seat as I was sliding out of the van.  Swelled up the size of a clementine.  Painful.

I blame my mother.  She was the one who nicknamed me "Calamity Jane".  Little did I know that the nickname would catch up to me when I reached my fifties.

That brings me to this morning.  My dear hubby forgot his wallet, and called me to ask if it was on his dresser.  It was.  He said he was coming home to retrieve it.  I, knowing the dog would freak out if Jared came into my room to get the wallet, thought I'd be kind and meet him at the door with it.  I wheeled myself over to hubby's dresser, and stood to get the wallet (I'm too short to reach it otherwise).  Sat back down...onto the FLOOR.  The floor in this old house isn't perfectly level.  I've discovered this in my wheeling around for the past month.  There are uphills and downhills which you wouldn't notice if you weren't in a wheelchair.  I guess the floor in front of Rick's dresser is slightly sloped.

Which explains why the wheelchair wasn't there when I sat.

That, my friends, BUGS ME.

(Ow, my everything.)

Monday, September 10, 2012

Yeast-Busting Diet.

Today I started a 30 day elimination diet - eliminating fruit, sugar, vinegar, wine, and certain carbs.  I'm posting this on "It Bugs Me" because  it does bug me that I have slowly put back some of the extra pounds I worked so hard to eliminate.

Vaginal Yeast Infection
 Constant fatigue
 Brain "fog" -hard to focus or even think straight.
 Oral Thrush (a white film on tongue or in the mouth)
Bad breath, foul taste in mouth
 Abdominal pain (intestinal Candida)
 Bloating and indigestion
Increasing allergies to foods (gluten or celiac problems can be a direct result of Candida overgrowth) more
Constant craving for something sweet!
 Joint pain with arthritis-like symptoms
 Chronic sinus drainage -which antibiotics don't help!
 Weight gain (or loss) and the inability to change it. ("It used to be that I couldn't eat without feeling bloated and miserable. Now I eat and eat to satisfy. I have lost 30lbs since beginning Fivelac." -Donna S)
 Fungus on the finger or toe-nails
 Itching, red eyes
 Candida Skin rashes on the body (eczema, atopic dermatitis)
 Candida Rash inside the ears or around the groin area
 Anal, penile or vaginal itching
 Hair loss
Vision problems
Depression from feeling so low and bogged down all the time.

There can be additional problems such as;
  • fatigue
  • drowsiness
  • uncoordination
  • lack of concentration
  • mood swings
  • dizziness
  • headaches
  • bad breath
  • coughing and wheezing
  • joint swelling or arthritis
  • failing vision or spots in front of the eyes
  • ear pain or deafness
  • burning or tearing eyes
  • muscle aches
  • depression
  • irritability
  • sweet cravings
  • increasing food and chemical sensitivities
  • numbness and tingling
  • cold hands and feet
  • asthma
  • hay fever
  • multiple allergies
  • hives and rashes
  • eczema and psoriasis
  • chronic fungal infections like athlete's foot
  • ringworm
  • fingernail/ toenail infections

I have so many of these symptoms.  Craziness!

So, I have started this diet:

Intense 30 day Candida & Parasite Cleanse 

Do this cleanse to give immune system a break. This cleanse will also give intestinal mucosa a chance to heal. Healing the intestinal mucosa is the PRIORITY step in curing allergies. Focus on liquid supplements when possible and to research companies "Standard of Excellence".

Try Salus liquid vitamins & mineral supplement as well as their Iron, and a company by the name of Nature's Sunshine, which is in the below list of supplements to do this 30 day Intensive Cleanse. 
Supplies you will need

Candida (Yeast)

- 3 bottles of HRP-C (59 ml) Shake well, 1/2 tsp 3 times daily WITH food DO NOT MIX WITH WATER, JUST TAKE OFF THE SPOON.
- 1 bottle Probiotic 11 (that's an eleven) (90 capsules) 2 capsules 2 times daily WITH food. (KEEP REFRIGERATED)
- 1 bottle Liquid Chlorophyll (946 ml) 1 squirt into each cup of water (8 cups) of water daily, 2 l in total. (Blood Cleanser - drink throughout the day)
- 3 bottles of Black Walnut (59 ml) - 1/2 tsp 3 times daily WITH food. DO NOT MIX WITH WATER, JUST TAKE OFF THE SPOON. (Kills Parasites)
- 1 bottle Milk Thistle (60 Tablets) - 1 Tablet 2 times a day WITH food. (Liver Support)


- 1 bottle of Psyllium Hulls Combination (375 mg) - Mix 1 heaping tsp., in spring water (may be mixed in juice only after 10 days). 
For best results use a tumbler with a lid and shake the mixture as opposed to stirring it - drink 1/2 hour before breakfast and again just before bed, ALWAYS ON AN EMPTY STOMACH. Don't take any supplements with Psyllium Combination.

- LBS II (100 Capsules) - 1 capsules, 3 times daily WITH food.


- Before breakfast on an Empty Stomach: Psyllium Hulls Combination
- Breakfast: HRP-C, Probiotic, Black Walnut, Milk Thistle, LBSII
- Lunch: HRP-C, Black Walnut, LBS II
- Dinner: HRP-C, Probiotic, Black Walnut, Milk Thistle, LBS II
- Bed Time, on on Empty Stomach: Psyllium Hulls Combination

(Phase I - The first 10 days)The following diet is designed to rebalance the body. It should be very strict for 10 days, however a longer duration is sometimes necessary.

Foods you are allowed to eat: 
- Whole eggs
- Chicken
- Turkey
- Fish/seafood
- "Rice Slice" (simulated cheese slices) keep in mind, this probably has chemicals.

- Spelt bread, (sour dough - no yeast)
- Brown rice
- Spelt or brown rice pasta
- Millet
- Buckwheat
- Quinoa
- Amaranth

Vegetables & legumes
- All vegetables & legumes (steamed or stir fried - NO SALADS!)

- Butter or "Earth Balance" spread
- Extra virgin olive oil (cold pressed) DO NOT FRY WITH IT.
- Almond butter

- Onions
- Garlic
- Salt (preferably sea salt)
- "Bragg" All purpose seasoning

- Hot air popcorn
- Raw almonds
- Brown rice cakes (plain)
- Organic guacamole dip (read labels for ingredients that are not allowed)
- Organic corn chips (read labels for ingredients that are not allowed)
- Organic rice chips.....plain, original. 

- Liquid Chlorophyl and water (either as a warm or cold drink)
- "Rice Milk" (milk substitute - original or vanilla flavour ie: "Yu" brand, Basmatti rice milk.


- NO raw foods
- NO fruit
- NO dairy products
- NO wheat
- NO bread (except spelt bread)
- NO mushrooms
- NO potatoes
- NO tea or herbal teas
- NO coffee
- NO alcohol

You may eat a breakfast cereal made from rice from your local health food store
(suggested "Brown Rice Crisp" this brand has no other additives except sea salt.)


NOTE: Those with type "A" blood types may need to continue to diet for a longer duration.

(Phase II - The next 20 days)

After the initial 10 days, you can start to reintroduce other healthy foods into your diet. You man now east fresh fruit & raw vegetables (LIMIT the amount of fruit intake due to the high sugar content). 

Salads may be eaten, HOWEVER avoid salad dressings & condiments as they contain vinegar (vinegar is made with yeast.) Fresh lemon juice or orange juice and olive oil is very good on salads. You may also use all spices, sauces, meats & other (YEAST FREE) breads as desired.


Continue drinking Chlorophyll and water as much as possible as this continues to cleanse & alkalize the body.
* Natural fruit juices may now be mixed with Psyllium hulls for a more desirable flavour *

Foods to avoid for 30 days:

- Sweets
- White or balsamic vinegar (apple cider vinegar is acceptable)
- Breads, bagels etc. (yeast products)
- Beer & wine


Continue taking ALL supplements as recommended in phase 1


After the initial 10 days of the diet you have candida under control, however if you consume sweets or yeast any time during the 30 days, the yeast, candida may overcome your body again. The choices you make in regards to your nutrition will ultimately move you closer or further away from your goals.......choose the greater.....HEALTH!

The Healing Crisis

It is essential for all embarking on a cleansing or a nutritional program to understand and recognize what a healing crisis is. Firstly, the road that we travel on over the years is the same road that we travel back on as we regain our health. For this reason, many are surprised when the herbs, vitamins or minerals they are consuming are not helping them to feel better. In fact, they often appear to be getting sick after embarking on such a program. This is actually a good sign, not a bad one. The body is merely re-experiencing the same symptoms, temporarily, as it now returns on the uphill road, throwing off and eliminating toxic wastes as it goes.

Your body is now experiencing a healing crisis not a sickness crisis. There is a world of difference between the two. When the odd headache, sore throat, tired or lethargic feeling or other miscellaneous aches and pains appear often with an "off - food" feeling - (sometimes even nausea and vomiting) be relieved. Your investment including time and effort is now beginning to pay off. An organ usually takes 4 to 6 months to detoxify and rebuild itself to the pint where it will function properly. However, depending on the severity of the condition, the organ(s) may require 1 month's treatment for every 1 year the problem existed. Chronic conditions may take longer than a year to heal, and those who are patient and persevere to the end are the ones who will see results.

It is important not to force food on the body when you're not hungry. It should not be kept busy coping with heavy food while in it's healing activity Your body is capable to remove almost any sickness, disease, or foreign matter that enters it. In order to assist the process, we should preferably eat raw vegetables, fruit and seeds with occasional nuts and 8 - 8 ounce glasses (2 liters) of water a day if the crisis is extended. We do not need to eat concentrated foods such as, meats, grain, eggs, dairy products, peanuts and sugar. (The last item should be treated like the plague at all times.)

Healing crisis only occurs when:

a) The body is cleansed naturally, with or without fasting (depending on the program) with correct nutrition and supplementation.
b) The body has the strength and vitality to stand the accelerated healing process. (Therefore there is no need to be anxious or to take any special measures.) The body will take care of itself without any outside assistance. Aspirins etc. will interfere with the healing process.
c) A person feels good.
The healing process can start within 3 days in some cases, (depending on the Intensity of the recovery program one uses) or up to 3 months. Generally most herb books claim 3 months. 
A healing crisis may last from 1 day to 28 days. By eating correctly or even fasting etc., the body may eliminate wastes a little at a time, or may never experience a healing crisis at all.

Disease crisis only occurs when:

a) The body is dangerously full of mucus or catarrh.
b) Enough germs and bacteria are present and multiplying.
c) The body's strength and vitality is low.
d) There is a danger to the body when the eliminative organs are clogged (it generally lasts longer in more serious cases such as cancer etc.)

The above conditions do not all have to be present together. In a disease crisis, the body will only cleanse itself to the point where it can tolerate the toxic wastes and won't completely eliminate them. This is precisely why sicknesses may often reoccur.

* Make sure you are not drinking anything with meals. You may drink 20 minutes before a meal & up to 1 1/2 hours after.*The reason for this is NOT to water down the enzymes or stomach acid in your tummy.

- Puffed rice or millet or Brown Rice Crisp cereal w/vanilla or original Rice Milk. Spelt toast & butter or almond butter.
- Poached eggs on Spelt toast.
- Millet or quinoa as a hot cereal with Xylitol or Stevia (sweetener) Rice Milk instead of milk.
- Spelt toast with almond butter. Soft boiled egg.
- Omelette with onions (or any vegetable) and melted Rice Slice, Spelt toast.
"Cream of Buckwheat" - hot cereal with Rice milk, Spelt toast.

- Lightly fried egg (soft yolk) on spelt toast and butter with a slice of Rice Slice cheese.
Vegetable soup. Spelt bread with butter.
Grilled chicken, turkey or shrimp stir fry with rice and vegetables.
Grilled turkey or chicken sandwich on spelt bread (toast).
Toasted tuna or salmon sandwich.
Grilled Rice Slice sandwich and steamed vegetables.
Brown rice pasta, cooked tomatoes, butter cooked onions, chicken or turkey breast, steamed vegetables.

- Cabbage rolls (cabbage, onions, parsley, salt, ground chicken or turkey, cooked tomatoes, rice and vegetables).
Fish rolled in Spelt flour and lightly fried with vegetables and rice.
Vegetable soup with Spelt bread and butter.
Brown rice pasta (or spelt) with cooked tomatoes, butter, cooked onions, chicken or turkey breast, steamed vegetables.
Grilled salmon on rice, steamed vegetables.
Grilled chicken or turkey breast with cooked vegetables.
Grilled chicken, turkey or shrimp and vegetable stir (steam) fry with rice.

No yeast diet????

You know what bugs me?

When someone tells me there's a new blog post at "It Bugs Me!!", I go to see the new blog post, and it ISN'T THERE.

That BUGS me.

The End.

(It looks like you saved it as a draft and didn't publish it, Mom! So ends the great mystery...)