Thursday, April 7, 2011

Words can't describe the rage I am feeling.


While pressure washing Jay and I were about to pull into the next store's parking lot.

I saw this group of teenagers.

There was one dude and two girls. And maybe more. I don't know. I think they had just come out of KFC.

This guy all of a sudden threw his drink up in the air.

Of course, gravity works, it came back down. It ticks me off because

1. He PURPOSEFULLY threw it in the air.

2. He didn't pick up his garbage. He stepped over it.

Now, that's bad enough, but what if I told you a garbage can was right. In. Front. Of. Him.

Not out of his way.

NO no, actually it was very much IN his way.

The freakin' dude threw his perfectly good drink in the air, watched it come down, saw it land, stepped over it, then passed a GARBAGE CAN JUST FOR GARBAGE on his way!!

I must say, I was so close to jumping out of the car and kicking him in his babies while screaming.

I should have rolled down the window but I was too busy hollering "DOUCHE!!" at him.


One day I will hunt him down and grind his face in the sidewalk until all his skin is off and then I'll make him pick it up and put THAT in the garbage.



  1. Yeah, that drives me insane, too.

    But, it kills me that you were hollering "douche". XD

  2. ^Bwhahahahaahahahaha!!

    He deserved a kick in his babies.

  3. "Kick in his babies." :D

    People bug me all the time, but especially in this instance. Put your garbage in the GARBAGE, people!

  4. OMG littering drives me crazy!!
    I especially hate when people toss their garbage from their vehicle. I mean really? You can't just keep it in your vehicle until you pull up to a store/gas station or get home?