Monday, December 21, 2009

Sarah Bugs Me (not really)

Because she's so cute and cuddly, and because she's mopped all her floors and written this:

Floors are vacuumed and washed, fridge is clean, laundry is done, kitchen cupboards are all washed and sparkly, and all the dishes are washed dried and put away! Phew! Tomorrow, baking, Wednesday, shopping (one LAST time before Christmas!) and Thursday, NOTHING!

She bugs me because she is miles and miles and MILES ahead of me. I still have to wash the kitchen floor and clean out my baking cupboard and do the laundry and wrap the presents and bake and shop and ...

But, she's awfully cute and cuddly. And I guess I'll have to put up with her fantasticisms because I love her and I'm proud of her.

So, she doesn't bug me TOO much.

But please, someone tell me they are still scrambling to get it all done, too!!

(And Sarah, don't worry, I truly think you're wonderful. And cute. And cuddly. And I want to be like you when I grow up.)


  1. Oh, Mom.. it's only because I'm insane. Truly, insane. I couldn't abide a messy fridge or dirty floors (the floors weren't even that dirty, I just had to make sure they weren't) and the kitchen cupboard cleaning only meant the outside, like the dust off the top of the doors. The inside is still not pristine. ;)

    Remember, I only have two people and two dogs to clean up after. You have like a bazillion critters (including Critter) messing up your place!

  2. I'm still scrambling. Have no fear. You are not alone.

  3. Nope, you're not alone. ;)

    Right now, as I type, my family room looks like this:

    ♦Couch full of under-the-tree teddies
    ♦train table pushed up against the couch
    ♦laundry basket full of various VHS tapes in front of the fish tank
    ♦ANOTHER laundry basket full of Christmas presents on top of the VHS one.
    ♦CHRISTMAS tree pushed over beside the train table
    ♦TV Cabinet pulled out
    ♦THE FLOOR piece pulled up so we can access the crawl space

    How's that? O.o

    I still have to shop, and it will be on the 24th. Wish me luck. :P

    At least most of my wrapping is done.


    I have wrapped ONE present.

    And that without tape. As in, I put the wrapping paper around the present two weeks ago, people. And since then, I have purchased tape.

    But do I know where the tape is?

    Just guess.

    Sarah, I'm insane too. We all got it from my mother. She had to have a clean house for Christmas. And Easter. And every other stinkin' holiday. But especially Christmas.

    Adeena and Heather, I love YOU. You are the good ones, that do your best, but fail. Like me. But, you'll get 'er done at the last minute. Like me. :D

    Insanity is hereditary. You get it from your grandmother. :D

    Linda cleaned out my baking cupboard. It's pristine, and I know what I need to buy tomorrow. Tiana washed my dogs. MY DOGS> do you realize I have to have clean dogs for Christmas? How crazy is that????

    But I do. Can't help it. It's in the genes.

    Mom used to tie a bow on Pepe. LOL.

    I organized the rest of my kitchen cupboards. Still have to clean my bedroom and wrap presents this evening, if I can find the &*&(*&$_*@#*&#*& tape.

  5. In case you're wondering:

    Bathroom clean. Check!
    Family room clean. Check!
    Kitchen and classroom... almost there.
    Wrapping... just about.
    Baking... not quite.