Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Maybe it's the fact that it's winter now, which seems to make most Canadians apply the "stupid-head" side of their brain while behind the wheel. (Another post entirely.)

Maybe it's the fact that most people are generally narcissistic and ego-centric.

Maybe it was entirely innocent. (As in my case, which follows.) Maybe they had a valid reason.

Whatever the reason, someone in town today parked in two parking places. The back end of his car was in one space, and the front end was in another.

This drives me crazy for many reasons.

!) There are white lines to designate where your vehicle should park. White lines. They TELL YOU. These lines were not covered with snow; you can see them quite clearly.
@) A lot of people actually park properly, which means there are EXAMPLES right in front of your face. "See? This is how you should park."
#) I'm pretty sure most driving instructors tell you the obvious. "Yea, park between the lines."
$) SOME vehicles cannot fit within the white lines marking a single space. That's okay. It's not their fault they're big. They were made that way. Don't make fun of them!

But MOST vehicles can fit just fine.

But the biggest reason it bugs me:

^) When I park behind these badly-parked people, I'm in two spaces too. And then guess what happens?

The original guy drives away.

And THEN guess what happens?

I look like the idiot.


  1. I *hate* that!!

    I totally agree with you, too. But, there may be more than ^ reasons it's annoying. ;)

  2. Ha!

    Totally agree with you. It's the ones that park crooked to, in angle parking, forcing you to hug the other line, then he leaves, and you look like the hog!