Monday, December 21, 2009


If anyone marries, knows or becomes a lawyer disregard my rant because I am not speaking of you. Unless of course you put legal practices before human compassion. Then this is FOR YOU.
I got a curtiasy call from the lawyers office that they need more post dated cheques for 2010. When I hear this, my blood boils. It's like buying a car and then having the car die, and not being able to repair it so the car is shipped off to the wreckers, but MONEY IS OWED on the car.
This is how I feel when I write cheques and send the money off. I am paying for nothing. I am paying because I put my trust in something that wasn't God. I am paying because I wanted to win, but instead I have 5 or 6 more years of paying this bill because I can't afford to pay it off faster. This lawyer did nothing for me. In fact, because of this lawyer Trenton was exposed to another life and just as he was getting used to the idea the life was snatched away. I'm not saying that isn't good, I'm saying that this lawyer didn't do it. My husband and I did this. Prayers from my family did this. Years of stress and tears is my investment. Lawyers do nothing except go through the motions. Literaly. Paying for nothing bugs me.