Tuesday, February 23, 2010


It bugs me.

Because it gets into my eyes.

Not during the day so much,
although if it is sunny
I do perpetually wear sunglasses.


It's at night when I am trying to sleep.

My door doesn't close all the way,
and so light seeps in through this crack and invades my eyelids.

Even if said light is downstairs.
It finds it's way up the hall stairs,
into my room,
and directly to my retinas.

Even if said light is filtering through the curtained window in the room across the hall,
if that door is left open,
through the crack in that door,
through the crack in my door,
it assaults my eyeballs.

I can't even have an digital alarm clock.

Even if I turn the clock away from me,
the light bounces off the wall and finds it's way in.
Cover it with a towel, or other article of clothing?
It seeps through and glows at me.

So this is why I have a thick sleeping bag tacked up
over the pretty white lacy curtain hanging in my window.

And this is why I am very careful to turn out every single light
before I go to bed.

And make sure all the room doors are closed.

I think I should sleep in a cave.

Except that they're cold and damp.

And I can't sleep then, either.


  1. "Assaults my eyeballs"


    Sadly, too true.

  2. I do understand. The light from the moon doesn't bug me, but if it's artificial, I go BONKERS! I have to cover up the phone in our room because it has a teeny tiny light on it that assaults my eyeballs, and Tyler's alarm clock has to be turned away towards the wall, and I'm not on that side of the bed so it's not so bad. :P

  3. Yep, light can be quite obnoxious.