Saturday, January 23, 2010

No touchie!

I just finished watching The Emperor's New Groove, a hilarious movie that I've been in love with for years.... for those of you who haven't seen it, selfish & spoiled Emperor Kuzco doesn't allow anyone to touch him. Any who try get a "Woah, NO TOUCHIE! No touch!"

Which is exactly what I'm going to start saying to people -strangers- who come up to me in towns & cities, and put their greasy dirty fingers on my baby!

I don't mind when people smile at him, or talk to him, or talk to me about him (as long as they don't use feminine terms when describing him, like "she" or "her", but that is for another post), I just don't want them putting their germ-laden, scabies-infested, eczema-encrusted digits on my baby! Is that REALLY too much to ask?? I don't walk up to other people in the grocery store and touch their babies!!

I guess I just don't have a stand-offish enough demeanor. I'll have to practice that, and definitely will have to employ the "No Touchie!!!!" with a little bit of "Shh shha shhaa shaaaaaaaaaa!" thrown in there, too.


  1. I LOVE that movie!!! :D

    And, yes. I would definitely use "No touchie!!" Too awesome. :D

  2. I employ the "No Touchie."

    When they get in close, just get in closer and touch him first, the creepy people will then know he's your territory.