Sunday, November 22, 2009

U bugs me

Not that I mind the letter "u". But when it is missing on overhead projections of songs for singing in church, it bugs me.

Today, the song had the word "Saviour", spelled correctly. Then it had "honor", spelled incorrectly... IN THE SAME SONG.

I have to say that it bugs me every single time I see a missing "u" in Canada. We have the traditional British spelling of words like favour and honour and valour.

If I were in the United States, I'd have to let it go.

But in Canada, it's just plain wrong.


  1. Yes. Totally agree. Drives me batty. Especially when you have American curriculum, and your children are learning to spell it wrong. Just by reading.


  2. It drives me nuts that blogger (and others) tells me it's misspelled when I put a U in colour, honour, etc... It's NOT misspelled!! I'm Canadian!!!!!


  3. Totally. That's why I HAD to correct Rachel's signature, even though it made me feel nit-picky. I couldn't handle it.