Wednesday, November 25, 2009

As a Follow-Up to My Previous Post About H1N1...

As it still bugs me that the whole world is panicked about this turns-out-it-wasn't-that-bad-at-all-I-mean-it-was-nowhere-near-the-pandemic-level virus, I notice blogs and comments that mention H1N1.

"One thing that amazes me is the discrepancy between the news headlines and the real world. So often the headlines warn of doom and gloom that fails to materialize or their slant is overwhelmingly negative when there are many reasons for encouragement. This was evident during the recent financial crisis that we have come through, and I suspect it will be the story after the hype surrounding H1N1 has settled down. Unfortunately the long term impact of "crying wolf" too many times is that people are increasingly reluctant to believe the "experts" in the future."

I don't know if these experts realize that they're digging holes for themselves.

This post has a pretty good conclusion, I must say.

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