Thursday, March 31, 2011

It Bugs Me...Random Post!

That this blog has seen very little activity lately. (It bugs me that I could not remember the word "activity" until a few seconds passed by. Curse you, fatigue!)

I suppose it might be a good thing that people haven't been posting; that could mean that people are less bugged, and that would be great. That's probably not the case...

It bugs me that I have this taste in my mouth. It's not terrible, just...there.

It bugs me that I'm not accomplishing everything my brain thinks I should. Stupid brain. Be smarter!

It bugs me that I have itchy scratches on my arm, courtesy of an adorable yet evil kitten, who thinks that petting means "fight time, claws extended".

It bugs me that I can't make a reasonable acronym out of "fight time, claws extended", so I must change it to "fight all, claws extended", so I can say F.A.C.E.

It bugs me that face is a word. It's so weird. (yea, well, so's your face! There, I said it first.)


  1. Adorable yet evil... :giggle

    Have you taken a picture of him yet? Totally kills me that he's a tiny evil genius. ;) They should have named him Voltar.