Thursday, November 18, 2010

Get off my A$$!!!

You know what bugs me?



Makes me have some serious road rage.

For the past two weeks, on our way home from dance class, in the DARK, there has been a vehicle riding my rear.

I am not impressed.

When the interior of my vehicle is as bright as daytime - IN THE DARK - with my very darkly tinted van windows, you are too close.  Get off my a$$.

Both times I suppressed my rage, and instead of slamming on my brakes (but officer, there was a dog/cat/coon on the road!) I just let off the gas.  And, eventually *both times* by the time the van slowed down to 20km, the stupids finally passed me.

If you want to drive faster than me, go for it.  Pass me, and speed on.

If you want to drive slower than me, get ready for me to pass you.

If you want to drive the same speed as me... BACK THE HELL OFF MY A$$!!


  1. I get just as mad at the same kind of stupidity. The worst tailgating I experienced was when I was driving from Goderich on Hwy 8, coming home in the middle of a terrible storm. There was a guy right on my tail. It was ridiculous, because there was NO WAY he could pass. There wasn't a chance. The visibility was so close to zero that they closed the road just after I reached Clinton. I tried gesturing (politely) in the hope of getting him to back off, but he stayed right on my tail. I was so mad I called the radio station to tell them to announce that drivers should leave a reasonable distance between them and the next car in bad weather. Duh!!!!

    I feel your pain. And your rage.

  2. Was it the same person??? Because there is one extremely annoying driver that goes by our house some days at the same time we leave for work, and he (or she) is an a$$-rider! I did slam on my brakes the one day, because I thought to myself "this is RIDONKULOUS!". He nearly hit us, probably scared the crap out of him, but since then he's backed off.

    I didn't slam on my brakes with my nice new SUV, I used Ty's truck. Bwahaha.

  3. I loathe tailgating. It makes me really cranky. Being in the city, I'm typically travelling on city roads or 401, and the 401 is fine until you hit Milton. Country roads, different story.

  4. I cannot adequately explain the rage I feel when this happens to me. Or anyone else.

    In fact, reading this made me rage. I'm still raging.

    This is me with this topic: