Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Tree rodents.

That's all they are.

I'm sure I can find a handful of people that totally loathe them like me,
and would rather put a bullet through their eye than use peanut butter to bait them in a trap.

Waste of peanut butter.

Squirrels are awful.

We have been fighting with them for our attic since we've moved in,
and just when we think they've moved on:

The ceilings are thumping, the walls are invaded.

And next thing you know the brand new drywall we've installed and mudded and sanded these past few months
are busted through by mangy gross tree rats.

What makes it worse is our neighbour right next door FEEDS them.

We've tried to be nice.

We've tried to be humane.

Now the moth balls come out.


  1. Oh, Rachel, I feel for you. Brand-new drywall ruined by the critters. I'd be mad, too. I'd be getting out the poison or the traps and trying to get rid of them, too.

    Darn little "tree rats".

  2. They ruined your drywall?!? (And, I'll have you know, I said "ruined" in a perfect "Stewie" accent... ;)

    Time for a BB gun.. >;)

  3. Fly bait! Put a little tray of fly bait up in your attic, that'll kill them good. That's what farmers do to raccoons. Works! XD