Thursday, March 25, 2010

Baths VS. Showers

This has bugged me for ages.

With all this "environmentally aware people-who-freak-out-if-you-drop-a-gum-wrapper-on-the-ground-are-the-new-awesomesauce" stuff going on, it's no longer surprising to hear about people who pat themselves on the back for what they've done to help the climate. You hear about people "going green" and "using less energy" and blah blah blah.*

This bugs me in general, but there is one particular thing that is bugging me especially.

I heard this lady gloating once in a video about how she takes baths instead of showers, because she wants to save water, and multiple shames on anyone who has a shower instead of a bath! Conserve water, you evil evil souls!

So, I listened to that with an expression of disbelief (and the smallest bit of rage) on my face. I then did an experiment. I went and had a shower, and plugged the bathtub up so the water would collect instead of going down the drain.

Guess how high the water got?
About two inches.

And, by the way, I took a *long* shower, going overboard in the experiment.

Now, normally, when I have a bath, I fill that sucker up about three quarters of the way. THAT is a bath. When your body is submerged.

I can only imagine what Gloating Lady would call a bath, but I'm thinking it's more than two inches deep. What a nice soak...for my heels, shoulder blades, and backside.

Then I got to thinking, and came up with this list:

- Perhaps Gloating Lady does use only two inches of water per bath. In which case, how is a shower any worse anyway?
- Perhaps she uses the water to...I don't know, give her flowers a drink afterward? But what about the shampoo, etc. that's in the water? Wouldn't that kill the flowers? Yea, that's environmentally friendly.
- Perhaps she only bathes once a week. In which case, eww.

I determined that showers are better than baths. Sure, the water goes down the drain, but didn't you know drains lead to that mystical Land of Purity and Magic that makes the water beautiful, clean and happy?

And we all know happy water tastes better.

*Note: do not take my apparent disgruntled attitude as a sign that I do not care about the environment. I do think we should be careful, and not be wasteful. However, the whole global warming/climate change thing gets on my nerves. All. My. Nerves.


  1. Ha!!
    Linda, you're awesome.

    And I totally agree. And I, too, have done the experiment, and I use way less water for a shower than a bath.

    Just how long do these people shower for, anyway?!?

  2. Yup, add me to the list of those who have done the experiment!! :D

    They must have Matt showers. You know. So they can wash one. hair. at. a. time. ;)

  3. What the "lady" forgot to mention was that her spouse and kids used the bath before she did - just like the good 'ole days. Then, you let the dirt settle, scoop it out and re-use the same water next week and the week after, only adding more water when needed. There ya' go - family baths for a year for under 200 gallons.

    By the way... what's that smell???